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Unique Qualities 

Earth friendly product made with 100% natural wood

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  • Mabu simply feels wonderful. Mabu's special 8 layer design creates a soft, thick, touchable cloth.

  • Mabu is bacteria and stain resistant. Cleverly engineered weaving of 8 layers holds bacteria, stains, debris, and dirt in suspension - simply rinsing under a tap leaves the Mabu fresh, clean and sparkling white.

  • Mabu's unique woven fabric won't trap food particles and other debris that stay moist and can incubate germs and foul odors. This never happens with the long lasting Mabu design.

  • Mabu is stiffened for packaging with harmless edible starch. Washes out with first rinse.

  • Mabu cleans and dries in one stroke - You can use soap and cleaners, but most of the time the Mabu cloth performs best with plain water.

TeyaMabuTrees copy.jpg
TeyaMabuTrees copy.jpg
TeyaMabuTrees copy_edited.jpg
TeyaMabuTrees copy_edited.jpg
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