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Mabu's Many Uses


Kid's Messes

A super soft cleanup for sticky hands, messy spills, and a baby's highchair.

Ideal for Espresso Machines

Mabu’s strong 8 layers of mesh scrub steamed milk build up. Mabu’s gentle scrubbing will not scratch surfaces the way a scouring pad might.

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 5.15.07 PM.png

Foot Prints and Pets

Muddy prints? Dirty paws? Fur balls?
A thick absorbent cloth is just
what you want for wiping up the
floor - not a flimsy thin cloth - yuck!


Runners, dancers, athletes, exercisers carry a moist one as a quick fresh swab. Ideal on the golf course.

Keep your Mabu on board for ALL your cleanup needs. Treat your boat like your home and use a Mabu.

For Your Boat


Bath and Beauty 

With a small dab of bath gel or soap, Mabu produces mounds of soothing suds for the bath or shower.

Want a beauty compress, a soft exfoliator, or something gentle for make-up removal? Mabu can help!

We offer multi coloured stitching to help colour code your Mabu cloths
for specific uses. 


Green for the kitchen, blue for bathroom, orange for face and sticky hands and yellow for dishes.

Colour Coded


For Restaurants,
Cafes, & Hotels

Ideal for wiping customers’ tables,

Mabu's soft layers of mesh are ideal for gentle, non-scratch scrubbing of stainless steel equipment and tough-to-clean espresso steamers. An all purpose cleaning cloth for every job in the restaurant therefore the long lasting Mabu will save you money.

Picnics and Camping

Rinses fresh even after messy wipes
of ketchup, barbeque ashes, mud and crumbs. Doesn't require soap for
most wipe ups

Helpful tip: freeze a damp Mabu overnight and place in your picnic basket or cooler to keep things cool, and then use it as a wipe when you pack up.


Home and Kitchens

Use for dishes, sinks, appliances, counters, doors, floors (you can use with a mop), windows, walls, furniture (wonderful on leather) and glass.
Use for wiping, polishing or scrubbing.
A damp Mabu is the perfect duster cloth.
Perfect for polishing silver and other precious valuables
Mabu is ideal for getting rid of oily fingerprints on stainless steel appliances.

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