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Our Fans Write


"Mabu cloths are my favourite" Susan

After having tried all sorts of kitchen cloths, Mabu cloths are my favourite. I find I now use them all the time. They do seem amazingly easy to keep clean. If you rinse them soon after use, they stay clean and fresh. I pop them in the washing machine from time to time, and they last many washes before getting a bit worn and needing replacing. They don't get slimy like some cloths. I had avoided using white cloths for some time, as they usually get discoloured quickly - but these don't!


"The best cloths by far" Liz

Used many different cleaning cloths over the years but these are by far & away the best. Unlike others that claim to be so they really do absorb water, so draining board is left dry after one wipe & counter tops sparkle. You don't get that nasty odour with them either. Washable & last a long time. Excellent value for money. I don't use anything else.

Teyafloorclean 1.jpeg

"Best cloths" Mrs Hughes

Excellent cloths. They are great at cleaning dishes and wiping down surfaces and stay fresh smelling and stain free. I have been using one for a few months and it's so nice to use something so effective, long lasting and environmentally friendly. Much better than microfibre cloths that don't last as long and they are much softer and nicer to use

"Great product" Luci Jones

Really thick and absorbent, easy to keep clean and very long-lasting. Since I discovered these I haven’t used any other brand.

"Best cleaning cloths ever" 

Been using for few years now and still can't get enough of them. Ordered a new set recently as my previous set was getting worn out..loads of use. Bleach them or just soak in hot water, soapy or not. They come up as new. And a nice thick quality..not too thick. Hesitated on buying more but thought what the heck, they are so good. High recommend. Will keep on buying them.


"Wonderful cloths"

Who could possibly get excited about cleaning cloths? That's what I thought - until I tried these new cloths. They really are as good as the previous reviews say. It's so great to have non-smelly cloths by the kitchen sink!

"Simply the best!" Mrs Bell

Have tried many kinds of dishcloths over the years and in my opinion these are the best ones ever. They don't harbour any unpleasant smells, are easy to wash and they wring out really well without leaving those annoying streaks on the work surface. Well worth the money!


"Best cloths ever!" Mrs BURKINSHAW

There are few things in life that make me as happy as these cloths! User for several years, thought expensive first time I bough, but they repaid their cost over and over. Have one in use in the kitchen at all times. Occasionally wash in the machine without conditioner, and don’t bleach them they don’t need it! Once left one outside for weeks, a long story involving my other half, suitably chastened, it washed almost as new, went on to do jobs such as wiping pots and trays in the greenhouse. I am always sorry to throw them away at the end of a long useful life. Buy some you deserve the best!

"Large cloths which absorb well" Mrs Foote

Bought these to use as worktop wipes and they work brilliantly. They are large and absorb a lot. They also rinse out really well and maintain their whiteness after washing. Love that they are biodegradable too although I think they will last a reasonable length of time before they need to biodegrade.

"Strong, effective, efficient." Mrs Mutch

These are exactly what a cloth should be. Natural, thick, strong, long lasting, absorbent, just the right size and fully boilable and washable. No need for any others.

"Best dishcloths ever!"

Tremendous quality item...these cloths are so good at soaking up spills and lots more besides!

“ The best facial cleansing tool ever ” Marilyn 

I use these to remove my makeup. they gently exfoliate and remove residue of cleanser perfectly. They stay fresher and are softer than a terry washcloth. I am a professional esthetician and cannot recommend these enough in your skin care regime.


"Awewome, Excellent" Miss Lindo

These are AWESOME, EXCELLENT, the best idea in all the world. Love them they are so so clever, so easy to use, so hygenic. Thank you Lakeland.

"Fantastic Quality" Mr Campbell

These cloths are of a fantastic quality, I have used them in and around the house for years dependant on what your using them for they last and last i use them predominantly in the kitchen where they stand up to all the hardships one can put them through in that environment and i would recommend them in a flash.


"Best Dish Cloths You'll Ever Buy" Sarah

I love these cloths and have been using them now for many years. They stay amazingly white and smell-free. When they get a bit grey - pop them in the wash. If the smell is an issue between washes, make sure they are damp and pop in the microwave for 2 minutes (be very careful when you take them out as they will be HOT). In addition they are environmentally friendly. Although a bit more pricey than other cloths they last for ages so in the long-run probably quite economic too. What more could you ask?

"Amazing Cloths"

These cloths are fantastic, the best I have ever tried and I have just ordered my second pack.

"Excellent cloths" Ruth

I have been using these for years and they are excellent. They machine wash successfully but don't put them in the tumble dryer as they will shrink.

"Mabu Cloth" Mrs Goulding

I have been using Mabu Cloths for about 8yrs and I find them the best. When they get ragged gently strip off the top layer, between the panels and.. behold you have a new, although thinner, cloth! Do this when the cloth is wet. I always use a new Mabu as a dishcloth and the old ones are demoted to tougher cleaning jobs like hob, oven cleaning and outside jobs. An overnight soak in washing up liquid removes most stains.

"Cool cloths." Mrs Cannon

Very robust thick cloths & lovely to use. Easy to launder & a bonus that they're biodegradable @ the end of their life.

"Best dish cloths ever!" Jan Parkes

I was beginning to despair with trying to get some decent dishcloths. But these are the absolute best! Would highly recommend them.


"Best cloths Ever!" Karen Angus

Done a lot of cleaning in my life: worked on oil rigs, ships, offices, commercial & Hospital kitchens & cafes, shops etc. as well as cleaning up after 3 cats at home, I have gone through an awful lot of swaabs in my life... Mabu is simply the best cloth I have ever used. And will continue to buy forever! The size is perfect for holding and wringing out. They do not need bleaching as they don't hold stains! Mine go through the wash with the towels at 60C after 3 or 4 days use. When they finally get too scruffy to 'be on show' they are The Softest thing for polishing cars/Bikes etc.

"My Favourite DishCloth" Mrs Meredith

These are now my favourite dishcloth. They are absorbent, long lasting and wash well in the washing machine. They are just the right size and thickness, not like some dishcloths where you seem to need to use two at once to be effective.

"Mabu Dishcloths" Jennifer

At long last I have found some dishcloths that I really like to use. I like the thickish feel of them and they don't smell after a while like some of the other ones I have used in the past. They wash well too and,so far, have kept their colour. Well done Lakeland for finding these cloths.

"Mabu cloths are my favourite" Susan

After having tried all sorts of kitchen cloths, Mabu cloths are my favourite. I find I now use them all the time. They do seem amazingly easy to keep clean. If you rinse them soon after use, they stay clean and fresh. I pop them in the washing machine from time to time, and they last many washes before getting a bit worn and needing replacing. They don't get slimey like some cloths. I had avoided using white cloths for some time, as they usually get discoloured quickly - but these don't!

"hygienic dishcloths" Jenny

I use these both at home and in our holiday let which is rented out. I have found them to be hygienic and long lasting. They don't stain easily and go into the washer with the bedding and towels at the end of a week stay. They seem to stay nice and white without the use of bleach. I put damp into microwave to sterilise between washes. Great product.

These cloths have become essential to my cleaning routine.” Lynne Edwards

These cloths have become essential to my cleaning routine. They start in my dish sink and end their work as fabulous dusting and cleaning cloths. Toss in wash. Air dry. Kind to arthritic hands. Never a sour sponge smell. Last a long time. Biodegradable. My favorites! Sponges be gone.

“ Love, love, love these!” Mercy

My first purchase was a 2-pack last year from WalMart. However, I 'stupidly' put mine in the dryer after washing in the washer. They shrunk & the fibers began breaking down soon after. WalMart no longer had them, so purchased here on Amazon. I use these for washing dishes. Once a week I do wash in the washer cause I have a difficult time believing they really are bacteria-free with cold water. I have not yet used the third one in the 3-pack. Maybe I'll do an experiment with the one I have not yet used. And, use it as directed by not washing in the washer. These are so soft, easy to hang on to. They soak up spilled liquid easily. Even grease. tomato sauce, mustard, etc. all come out when you rinse and squeeze in the cool water. It is an amazing cloth!


“Worth the money”

These are good. Wash well and do not shrink if you do not put in dryer. Would buy again. Very useful for polishing when worn out.

“ Best kitchen tool we own! ” Arlington Mom

We have been using these for years as our kitchen sponge/cloth and I can't imagine life without them. I think I read in a Martha Stewart housekeeping book (that some well-intentioned aunt gave me) a suggestion to use cloths instead of sponges because they can be washed. We switched to these and they stay fresh for a long time, they rinse clean of food debris easily, they can go in the wash, they're soft and easy to handle. We don't use sponges anymore (except the occasional rough scrubber-sponge when needed on a pan), only these cloths for dishwashing and counter-cleaning.


“At last! A man-proof cloth” Heather

At last! A man-proof cloth that doesn't stink since he doesn't like rinsing them cause it's too icky. Love it

“Will keep using it again and again!” Calvina

Best cloth ever, doesn't leave a streak, super absorbent, don't stain, and doesn't smell like most cloths. Have been using this for more than 10 years and will keep using it again and again!

“No streaks anywhere” Cindy

Really great!! It too a few washes to get the starch off but once I rinsed them a few times it softened up sooo well. No streaks anywhere, no residue from cleaning products and they clean out so well!!! I purchased a second bundle.

“Soft, gentle on everything” Kelley

Love these! Am ordering for the second time to use elsewhere in my home. Soft, gentle on everything, no streaks or water drips, wonderful for wiping counter tops, stainless steel appliances and anything sticky or greasy. Drying them outdoors in the sunshine or even on the snow keeps them fresh and white!


“Best kitchen cloths I've used” Jeff

Big fan of these cloths for sure. They last a long time and don't tend to smell like others we've tried. Great absorbency for wiping up spills. Not sure if its recommended but we do machine wash them when they get stained with good results. When they start to get holes they will trap that point we designate them as floor rags. Best kitchen cloths I've used.

“Very absorbent. Don't smell.” Navin

These are just amazing! Very absorbent. Don't smell. And can just toss them into the laundry when they are dirty. Over time they start to fray, but really last a long time, for 2 or 3 years. When they get really old, we start using them as rags.

“Can't live without them” Helen

Love these can't live without them. I give as gifts and then my friends feel the same. It's became a good cycle.

“I won't go back to using traditional dish cloths after using this product” Marie

I won't go back to using traditional dish cloths after using this product. Easy to clean, no smell, and works effectively without needing any cleaners to help wipe off cooked on food from surfaces. be sure to air dry after washing though.


“One of the best product I've ever purchased” Maryam

I'll tell you this is one of the best product I've ever purchased... nothing can beat this in the market... I highly recommend it to every person who loves her kitchen.

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